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Prime Yield has been focusing on the NPL& REO market, specializing in Portugal. We can help you to get into the markets better informed, approaching transactions with realistic & reliable property valuations.

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Established in 2005, Prime Yield delivers valuation, research and advisory/consultancy services and has been focusing on the NPL&REO market, specializing in Portugal and Brazil.

Value generation for our clients.

Thinking about the players (buy and sell) who want to be actively involved in the transaction of this type of assets, the company created the new business area NPL & REO Services, also supported by Prime AVM & Analytics, an advanced technological solution that allows NPL’s investors and sellers to have property valuations in a fast, simple and reliable way both for single assets or entire portfolios (RESI or CRE). Prime Yield is regulated by RICS and REV, also holding a certification in Quality and Environmental Management (NP EN ISO 9001 and NP EN ISO 14001).

About Prime Yield

NPL&REO Services – Designed to stand by you

Valuation, research and advisory services for an informed decision-making in NPLs transactions. Strongly supported in Prime AVM & Analytics, an advanced technological solution for property valuations.


> Residential AVM by Prime AVM
> Portfolio Valuation (Residential + CRE) by Prime Analytics
> RICS/TEGoVA Valuations



> Highest and Best Use Analysis by Argus Developer®
> Urban Planning
> Feasibility Analysis



> Housing Intelligence
> CRE Benchmarking

NPL&REO Services

Residential AVM by Prime AVM

> Prime AVM is a new solution for the property valuation market developed by Prime Yield.

> This AVM (Automated Valuation Model) uses an algorithm that is scientifically validated to estimate the value of a property always in a valuer-assisted basis.

> One of Prime AVM's differentiation factors is the ability to valuate both single assets and portfolios, using a set of 90 variables that increase the level of information about the asset. And, in addition, this system can work as a benchmark to other valuations, thus being an added value service.

Portfolio Valuation (Residential + CRE) by Prime Analytics

> Prime Yield can help you maximize the value of your assets: we have the skills and experience to provide you with an accurate valuation of both commercial and residential properties within your diverse portfolio.

> Our portfolio valuation services are based in the Prime AVM & Analytics platform that allows to: i) optimize the return of the property portfolio, ii) ensure that the property portfolio is valuated in accordance with real market value, iii) reduce internal costs, iv) establish a deadline for performing valuations.

> Prime AVM platform allows the user to set up the valuation of an entire portfolio.

> Prime Analytics, which is a complement of Prime AVM, allows a more in-depth analysis that explores additional layers of information for strategic acquisition purposes, fraud detection, risk concentration, forecasting and roll-up sessions.

RICS/TEGoVA Valuations

> Valuations under international regulations.

> Valuations according to standards of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and in accordance with the International Valuations Standards (IVS).

> Valuations according to European Valuation Standards (TEGoVA).


Highest and Best Use Analysis by Argus Developer®

> Prime Yield provides HBU analysis of new developments or redevelopments through the Argus Software Developer.

> The highest and best use determine the solution that maximizes the land use regarding a market study and economic feasibility analysis.

Urban Planning

> Strategic consulting in urban planning, creating a mix of occupation to the development, allowing an integrated approach and maximizing the economic potential of the assets.

> We analyze and follow up urban management processes with the various entities of the Public Administration.

Feasibility Analysis

> Set up the mix of occupation and the its integration in a project design.

> We provide sensitivity analysis, considering several scenarios in terms of costs and income.


Housing Intelligence

> Immediate online access to the information and analysis you need. Access to the property’s geographic and sociodemographic environmental information complementary to indicators such as asking prices and rents.

> Our platform provide acess to unique datasets of market monitoring.


> Desktop broker price opinion (BPO) based on comparable evidences with similar properties on the market.

> Drive-by broker price opinion (BPO) with benchmark of the neighborhood of the asset.

CRE Benchmarking

> These services include detailed analysis and assessment, comprising both qualitative and quantitative features of the business (efficiency of the occupation).

> Benchmarking gives the access to local and customized data to improve the productivity.

Reports per year
bn € of valuated assets since 2005
in-house valuers with 4 MRICS and 2 REV

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Our research: an informed insight

Get to know the KPI’s on the Portuguese NPL market, accessing our latest research. We release bi-annual updates on the Portuguese NPL market and its deal’s potential, also comprising an outlook over the Economy and the real estate market.

Access autumn update (pdf)
Our research: an informed insight

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