Montepio Bank sells a € 321Mn NPL Portfólio with almost 13.000 loans

Portuguese bank Caixa Económica Montepio Geral (“Montepio”) has just announced the sale completion of a non-performing loan (NPL) portfolio with a gross value of €321 million to Panorama Jubilante.

In a nota sent to CMVM, the Portuguese Securities Commission, the bank informs «that on 12 July 2019, and following a competitive sale process, a public deed was signed for the sale of a non-performing loans’ portfolio, in the form of a direct sale, to Panorama Jubilante S.A., a company incorporated under the Portuguese laws and established in Portugal».

According to the bank, the gross amount sold was 321 million euros, in a portfolio that included approximately 13.000 loans.

«The completion of this operation materializes Banco Montepio’s strategy for the continuous reduction of non-performing assets», says the bank in the same document.

Original Story: RTP
Photo: Banco Montepio site
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