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Debt grows 7.2% to 66.8 million in August

The number of defaulters in Brazil rose by 7.17% in August compared to the same month in 2022. Compared to July, the increase was 1.14%. After two months of consecutive falls, the number of consumers with overdue accounts reached 66.80 million – 40.9% of the country’s adult population. The data comes from the CNDL (National Confederation of Shopkeepers) and SPC Brasil.

According to the survey, in August each consumer owed an average of R$4,108.89 when adding up all their debts. There were 31.11% of consumers with bills of up to R$500 and 45.25% with bills of up to R$1,000. Most of the debts are with banks.

In addition to the rise in defaulters, the number of overdue debts also rose by 14.75% compared to August 2022. The percentage exceeded the annual variation measured by the confederation in July 2023. The sectors with the biggest growth in consumers in debt were water and electricity (+31.97%) and banks (+19.79%).

On the other hand, the communication and commerce sectors registered a drop in total defaults in the period. in the period. Consumers in debt fell by 13.71% and 0.97% respectively, respectively.

The confederation attributes the increase in the indicator to the inclusion of defaulters with debts overdue of 1 to 3 years. Despite the increase, the president of the CNDL, José César da Costa, says that “the trend should be downwards for defaulters. should be a downward trend in the number of defaulters in the coming months, since the whole macroeconomic scenario favours this direction”

Original Story: Poder 360|Staff 
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