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Salaries aren’t enough to pay mortgages in more than 80% of Portuguese municipalities

Mainland Portugal has only 45 municipalities – less than a fifth – where half the families have the minimum income needed to buy a house on credit. According to data from the Ministry of Economy, the median income in Portugal (1,091 euros) is only enough for half of what is needed to pay the bank: 2,063 euros.

The analysis by the Strategy and Studies Office, quoted by the Jornal de Negócios, also pointed to the difficulties felt not only in the metropolitan areas of Lisbon and Porto, but also in the rest of the mainland.

Along with Lisbon, the Algarve region has seen its housing accessibility deteriorate, and is even the region with the lowest levels of accessibility. In the Central Alentejo, the Beiras and Serra da Estrela concentrate more than a third of the municipalities where most families are able to meet their mortgage instalments.

This housing affordability index compared, at a local level, the median income of families with the monthly effort required to cover a credit instalment plan.

The study concluded that in only 45 of the 278 mainland municipalities (16.18%) does the median income manage to cover the value of the instalments required for the houses – these are mainly concentrated in the interior, except for four municipalities in the Leiria region and two in the Coimbra region. Alentejo Central has the highest number of municipalities with affordability – 10 – with another seven in the Beiras and Serra da Estrela region.

Another reality is found in Vila do Bispo, in the Algarve, the municipality with the worst affordability and where half of the families don’t have enough income to cover even a third of the instalment that would be due on a loan.

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