Santander sold Cerberus the €600 million “Project Tagus”

Santander Portugal closed the sale of the €600 million “Project Tagus” to an affiliate of US Cerberus Capital Management.

According to information gathered by the Portuguese news platform ECO, the transaction was closed in December 2018; having a positive impact of € 50 million for the bank’s results last year.

This portfolio comprises toxic assets belonging to former Popular Portugal bank, having sparked the interest of Apollo, Bain Capital and Arrow Global.

During the bank’s results presentation, CFO Manuel Preto explained that these real estate assets and loans became Santander Totta’s property with the integration of Popular Portugal at the end of 2017. «We tried to quickly alienate these assets, because we believe the bank’s management should be focused on granting new credit to the economy and not managing portfolios which are already adequately provisioned and which do not add much to the bank’s results», quotes the same source.

Original Story: Iberian Property | Ana Tavares 
Photo: Santander
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