Caixa Econômica raises real estate financing rate with savings resources

Caixa Econômica Federal is warning real estate agents that its interest rate on credit with savings resources (SBPE) to finance the purchase of real estate will rise in February.

The lowest rate, charged to customers who have a relationship with the bank, the largest real estate lender in the country, will change from the current 8.3% per year to 8.7% per year, always plus the TR, as of February 1st, according to publicity material to which Reuters had access. The over-the-counter rate will be maintained at 8.99% pa

With the change, Caixa will start to practice a rate closer to that offered by its competitors in the private sector. Santander Brasil had from 9.99% per year, compared to 9.5% for Bradesco and 9.1% for Itaú Unibanco, all plus TR.

The move comes days after the chief executive of the state bank, Pedro Guimarães, predicted a 10% increase in lending for real estate purchases in 2022, in an interview with Reuters, claiming he has lower interest rates than most. of competitors.

In a note, Caixa stated that there will be an “adequacy in the conditions for the application of reducers… depending on the customer’s relationship with the bank” and that “it will continue to have the best interest rates on the market”.

Original| Yadunandan Singh
Photo: Rodrigo de oliveira
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