Number of defaulters reached 62.21 million people in September

The number of defaulters in Brazil reached 62.21 million people in September, which represents a slight retraction (0.06%) compared to the previous month.

According to the Map of Delinquency and Renegotiation of Debts in Brazil released by Serasa, this is the lowest figure since April, when 62.98 million Brazilians were registered in this situation.

According to the monthly study, the number of total debts in Brazil is also the lowest recorded in the period, with a drop of 0.16% compared to August, totalling 208.46 million accounts.

According to the survey, despite the drop in defaults, the total value of debts in September rose 0.34% compared to August, adding up to R$ 245.3 billion. The average value of debt is R$ 3,944 per person and R$ 1,177 per debt.

The banks and credit cards segment continues to lead the list of accounts responsible for delinquency, representing 28.7% of them, followed by debts of basic accounts such as water and electricity (23.5%) and retail with 13%.

“These figures show that Brazilians are seeking opportunities to renegotiate with differentiated conditions and that creditor companies increasingly understand the importance of offering these conditions for people to renegotiate: in September alone, there were more than R$ 3.27 billion in discounts granted in renegotiations by Serasa Limpa Nome,” said Serasa manager Nathalia Dirani.

The states with the most defaulters are São Paulo (14.67 million), Rio de Janeiro (6.18 million), Minas Gerais (5.82 million), Bahia (4 million) and Paraná (3.29 million).

Original Story: Agência Brazil |Flávia Albuquerque 
Photo: Photo by Bruno Neves for
Translation and Edition: Prime Yield